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Ancient Arts Veterinary Services

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Holistic Veterinary Care in Saratoga Springs, NY

Ancient Arts Holistic Veterinary Services provides holistic veterinary care in Saratoga Springs, NY. Dr. Kris uses a client-based, integrative approach to create a reasonable and sustainable health plan for your pet. In order to correct any existing chronic issues and to prevent future problems, your pet’s health plan will include options for a species-appropriate diet, acupuncture, herbs and any necessary supplements. When Western modalities are required, she is happy to collaborate with your regular veterinarian and to help you navigate those visits when they are needed.

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Conventional medicine has its role in acute medical crises. But in this day and age, most of us (humans and pets alike) are experiencing chronic health issues that require a more nuanced, and less medicated approach. Our pets, in particular, often have a host of chronic health issues stemming from the highly processed foods they are fed. The answers to finding a healthy balance between the holistic and allopathic approach are not as elusive as one might think. All it requires is working with a professional who has a healthy respect of both, along with a balanced perspective on how the two can, and should, co-exist.


Acupuncture involves the use of very fine needles to stimulate points along meridians that were discovered thousands of years ago in China.

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Proper nutrition is the foundation of our health and the same is true for our pets.

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Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is based on the same theories and principles as acupuncture.

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End Of Life Care

Euthanasia is but one way to help your pet complete their journey on the planet, however holistic care offers many natural, noninvasive modalities.

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“I truly feel fortunate to have brought my dog to Kristina Dallas, DVM. She diagnosed Bella with Cushing’s disease that was undetected by her other Vet.”

“My dog was immediately comfortable with Dr. Dallas. She spends time getting to know your pet and you. She provided excellent care and treatment.”

“I don’t know where to begin. It was a wonderful experience and my dog is definitely in the right hands. I am so hopeful for a positive resolution to her problems. Thank you, thank you.”



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