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Initial Consultation and Nutrition Plan

The initial visit typically lasts between 90 minutes and two hours and costs $210 dollars. During this session, I will address your pet’s presenting complaint as well as cover all aspects of your pet’s health maintenance, including vaccination protocols, flea and tick prevention, and, most importantly, diet. Acupuncture is almost always performed at the initial visit and is included in the fee. Finally, a written treatment plan will be sent home at this visit and includes all of the information you will need to move your pet health’s in the right direction.


If needed, follow-up appointments are $95 dollars. This fee includes any treatments that may be required, including acupuncture, B-12 injections, electroacupuncture, etc.

Herbal Medicine

Many chronic health issues respond well and can be cured with Chinese herbs. Most herbs are very affordable and typically run in the $20-60 dollar per month range, depending on the size of your pet.


I firmly believe a healthy animal eating a species-appropriate diet needs minimal supplementation. When patients present with specific deficiencies, I will sometimes recommend targeted, whole food supplements to address the specific deficiency. These are also quite affordable and remain with the $20-60 dollar per month range, depending on the size of your pet.