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Nutrition for dogs, cats and small animals


Proper nutrition is the foundation of our health and the same is true for our pets.

Highly processed pet foods are the cause of most of our pets’ chronic health issues, most of which have a foundation in inflammation: many allergies, chronic skin conditions, gastrointestinal issues and even arthritis have their origins in chronic inflammation.

Processed foods, especially kibble, may be convenient and affordable, but we eventually end up paying those costs somewhere down the line. Some pets can do well for years before their processed food diet catches up with them. Other pets become almost toxic early on in their lives.

Dr. Kris considers nutrition to be the most important part of her initial consultation and will spend up to a half hour helping you make the best choice you can for your pet taking into consideration your pet’s age and medical conditions as well as your time and budgetary constraints. There are many healthful ways to feed our pets; Dr. Kris is committed to helping you find what works best for you.

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