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End Of Life Care

Many pet owners are unaware of the health care options available to their pet at the end of their life.  Euthanasia is but one way to help your pet complete their journey on the planet, however holistic care offers many natural, noninvasive modalities to help your pet maintain a balanced state of health, right up to the very end of their days.

Through regular home visits, Dr. Kris works very closely with all family members to insure that their beloved pet is guided gently and respectfully through their last days and weeks of life.

An example of the types of services provided include:

  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Herbal remedies for palliative care
  • Diet recommendations, if indicated
  • General guidance to family members regarding pet loss

The end of your pet’s life is a precious time and can be a very positive experience.  By supporting your pet’s needs naturally and at home, hospice/palliative care provides your family with quality time together with your pet.  This allows your family to start coping with the approaching death of your pet while honoring their needs for comfort and security as they pass from this world.

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